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100% Complete and Latest Courses

Get the Best Selling Flagship courses of Adam Khoo to enhance your skills in the world of Trading and get consistent Profits from stocks, Forex, Options, REIT, or Cryptocurrency.

Well Designed

These course are especially designed for you even if you are a total beginner and know nothing about markets.

Zero to Hero

Be ready for an exciting journey from zero to hero that will eventually lead you to financial freedom, so that you can take decisions in your life that matters to you, be it quitting that 9 to 5 worst job!

Courses We Offer

We have all Adam Khoo courses along with all the courses from other creators as well. Also, you may let us know what course you are interested in and we will definitely arrange that course for you!

What Comes along with these Courses?

The Courses are 100% complete and comes along with all the Lecture videos, PDF notes, Excel Sheets, Scanners and Scripts, tools etc.

Full HD Video Content

The course Comes with the updated Full HD Video Content with Sharp video quality.

PDF and Notes

Each lesson has a PDF Note that will help you revise the lesson concepts later in just a few minutes.

Scripts and Scanners

The Strategies are equipped with all their arsenals like the Scripts and Scanners.

Tools and Excel Sheets

The Courses comes with all the tools, calculators and excel sheets as provided by the official sources.

Community Access

The Courses comes with their respective community support. In the community Adam Khoo (course creator) and other expert community members share their trade setups and you can take the same trades and make the same profit along with them.

Currency Strength Meter

The Forex Courses comes with the Currency Strength Meter (CSM). CSM is officially provided through Telegram by Adam Khoo. You can also get access to the same CSM from us. All Adam Khoo Forex Strategies are based on CSM.


What to Expect from the Courses?

The courses are designed ad made by the experts in their field. Adam Khoo and his partners have more than several decades of experience in trading and investing in different financial instruments. They have put all their experience, knowledge and skills in these courses so that you can also take benefit from these courses. These are so well designed that even a beginner will gradually evolve to an experienced trader who has the confidence, all the knowledge and tools to trade successfully in the financial markets and put his first trade. The course will also help an experienced trader to craft and learn time tested strategies, proved and verified by Adam Khoo’s thousands and millions of students.

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Most Recent Piranha Profits Courses Also  Available

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Price Action Manipulation Course Level 2 Course (released 3rd July, 2021) Contents Go Through.

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Price Action Manipulation Course Level 1 Course (released April, 2021) Contents Go Through.

Exclusive Currency Strength Meter (CSM) Available!

Get access to the most demanding Forex tool.

Using this powerful Forex indicator, you can easily check the relative strength of every currency pair so that you always buy the strongest currency while selling the weakest one. This is what gives you the strongest edge in the forex market.

When combined with the proven forex strategies taught in our course, the CSM is a powerful tool that can massively improve your win rate and bring in reliable profits. Say bye to cold feet when trading forex!

The tool comes in the form of a one-way Telegram channel that posts a snapshot of major currencies every minute, so you can easily compare their strength at one glance!

Click here for more information about the Live CSM.


Piranha Profits Community Access Available!

Get access to the Communities along with the Adam Khoo Courses.

In the Communities Adam khoo and his Team and other community experienced members share trade setups and trade ideas with each other so that every one in the community can benefit and make the same profits.

They give trade calls in the Telegram chat community. In this telegram community Adam Khoo and other community members share trade setups and tell when to buy and when to sell and each member of the community takes the same trade. This will help you make profit even if you are new to the Financial Market and can not decide what trade to take yourself. It’s like a cheat sheet for you (in which you just have to copy the forex trade setups) from the experienced members from the community who are trading the same strategies!

Full Satisfaction with the Course 100% Guarantee or Full Refund

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